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One of the challenges of having lots of fruit and veg around the place, whether you grow it or buy it, is that when the temperatures start to warm up the fruit flies start to get settled in.  If you’ve every suffered with them, you’ll know that they are prolific and once they get started they can be very difficult to control or get rid of.

I got so fed up with them at one stage (we were doing a lot of fruit and vegetable juicing at the time) that I decided I had to find a way to get rid of them.  Knowing that they particularly liked the rotting stuff, particularly tomatoes and the likes, I made a little trap to see if I could get them to go in and not be able to escape.  It worked like a dream.  Within a few days I had a jar full of fruit flies and practically none in the kitchen.

The funny thing is, watching them actually becomes quite addictive.  Waiting to see if they’re going to walk into the trap of death lol… They’re slow to go in, but when they do it’s like they call their buddies and bit by bit they all enter…. never to return!   So attached is a short video on how to make the trap, it’s pretty simple and you’ll most likely have everything you need in your home already.