As we all know, it’s becoming less and less sustainable to be transporting produce all over the world.  Too many fossil fuels are used in the transport process, the food is not as fresh as it should be and it’s often treated with chemicals to make it last longer.  What we really need is to get back to smaller scale local community based growing.

There are many, many vegetable plots around the country in people’s gardens and elsewhere, which are overgrown and have just been abandoned.  From growing food ourselves, we know the challenges that can arise – from forgetting to water the plants, to unexpected weather, pests and many more.   There’s nothing more disillusioning than to spend weeks bringing on seedlings to the point where they are ready to plant out, only to lose them to lack of water or a pest infestation.  Or even to poor soil and lack of nutrients.  Or you go on holiday for a week and when you come back you discover that a lot of plants have died.  This is what happens to many people, as well as the realisation that it does take a lot of work and energy to grow your own food.  Eventually, the will is lost and the veggie patch goes by the wayside.

Home Grow Solutions is dedicated to providing solutions to make it easy for everyone to get back to growing their own food.  There are many reasons why this is important – for our planet, for our health, for our children’s future and for community.  It’s not all about everyone needing to grow for themselves, it’s also about those that can’t or don’t want to grow their own getting involved with others that are, lending a hand in return for produce.

At Home Grow Solutions, we focus on the basics – the things that take the most time and cause the most headaches.  One of the biggest is watering.  The plants have to be watered, despite what’s going on in your life or whether you want to go on holidays or you got caught up with work.  The solution?  Automation.  But not just automation – sustainable automation that’s run on and uses renewable energy and resources.  There are many different types of systems available but we focus on supplying the pieces needed to put together simple irrigation systems that can be scheduled and easily managed, meaning you can trust that your plants are at least getting the water they need, whether you’re there or not!

Irrigation concepts and systems can be as simple as a seep hose on a battery operated timer, or something more sophisticated like our own in-house designed and built irrigation controller which is capable of managing up to 12 valves on a schedule.  This allows you to divide up your growing areas and decide what level of watering you want for each section and how often.  That type of solution is what really takes the stress out of growing!

We’ll be elaborating on this system over the coming months and posting some video examples of the system in operation.  We’ll also be using this site to post information on planting, growing, harvesting and cooking your very own organically grown produce!